The Promise Of Mental Health Parity

There are a lot of ways you could describe the mental health bill that passed the House of Representatives in July. A first step. A start. A compromise. It's a decent piece of legislation that tackles the margins, not the meat, of mental health reform. That's okay. A system as expansive, entrench
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How To Save A Life: Recognize An Overdose

Whether or not you're someone who uses alcohol or other drugs, undoubtedly you will be around people who do at some point. And being able to recognize when something's gone wrong is the first step toward being able to take action - and possibly save a life. That's why in honor of International Overd
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TV News Stories About Birth Control Quote Politicians And Priests More Than Medical Experts

By Elizabeth W. Patton, University of Michigan and Michelle Moniz, University of MichiganNinety-nine percent of reproductive age U.S. women who have ever had sex have used contraception at some point in their lives. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate, more people have acce
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