‘It’s so easy to be a good feminist’: My story of making it big in the tech industry

Posted September 21, 2018 06:09:03My name is Janna Rocha, I’m a software engineer, a member of the Women’s Tech Council, and a former member of Google’s Women’s Productivity Committee.

I joined Google in 2011 as an intern, where I started to make the connections between my work and my personal life.

I’d always been interested in technology and the web and had been working on an online learning platform for a few years before I landed a job with Google in 2013.

Google’s VP of Engineering, Scott Overland, offered me a job on the Productivity and Engineering team in June 2013, and I immediately felt like I was a part of the team.

My first week was spent helping with our QA testing, debugging, and engineering.

It was exciting, I was working with a group of very talented engineers, and we were able to push through bugs and issues in our daily workflows.

But the first couple of weeks of work were rough, and there was some very intense communication with management about how we could move forward.

The team had a really great attitude towards the team, and our focus was to do things the right way.

In the midst of all the pressure, I started noticing that there were a few things missing.

There were no tools to help me with my team communication and collaboration.

I felt that our team was struggling with the lack of communication and how to communicate effectively.

During my first week at Google, we were having problems with the team’s workflows, as well as our own, but we were still working to resolve our issues.

That week was when I started asking for feedback and trying to get my team to help fix some of our problems.

We worked on some new communication tools and I had a chance to learn about some of the best tools for team collaboration on GitHub, including Trello and Slack.

I even learned how to use some of those tools to build a new team communication tool called Teamchat.

After I started working on Teamchat, I began to see some very important changes within the Google product teams.

They were starting to get their own Slack channels, and some of their teams were using them more than others.

Even with the Slack channels in place, they were still missing a key communication tool that I really needed.

When I asked the Product Management team about their use of Slack and Trello, I saw a lot of issues with these tools and a lot that they didn’t have to worry about.

What I found out was that Google has really embraced this idea of a team communication platform, and the tools they were using were great for creating great team communication.

For example, Trello is great for helping team members collaborate on a project, but there’s no way for them to actually add a link to a shared project to their Trello notes.

This was a huge missed opportunity.

Teamchat is the first time I’ve ever heard of a product team using a tool like this.

And that’s when it all came together.

Trello was a great tool for me, and it allowed me to add a task that would not only show me the completed task, but also to easily see all the other tasks I’d completed.

At first, the Trello team was just using it as a simple tool for showing me the tasks that I had completed on Trello.

But as I started using it more, I realized how powerful it was for creating a team, sharing tasks, and sharing tasks that were not shared by the team members.

While I didn’t want to give up my Trello note and not use Trello on a daily basis, it was really important to me that I be able to collaborate with the rest of the company and the team to accomplish things.

I realized that it was more important than ever to have a team channel that was open to all of the teams on the team and open to sharing new ideas.

To help with this, Trello introduced a feature that allowed teams to create a “task box”.

This box was a place where teams could easily share their tasks and collaborate on them.

Every day, I’d ask the team for suggestions on how to improve a task and they would respond to those suggestions with suggestions that the team could implement.

As the team grew, they started to create more task boxes and Trellos, and as the idea of team communication grew, the more teams built their own task boxes.

With more and more teams, Trerello became a necessity for communication and team collaboration.

Eventually, Trella became the main tool for creating task boxes on Google.

All of the Trelloids that I created and shared to the rest.

I used Trello for everything from my own

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