How to spot a viral outbreak

A viral outbreak is a disease spread through a person’s body and/or their environment.

While many viruses can be spread through food, people are more likely to get viral disease through contaminated objects, contaminated clothing, or other personal items.

Some viral infections can be contagious, but they can’t be transmitted through contact with someone else.

Some people who are sick get more than one viral infection, and some people get only one infection.

For example, if you get sick with a virus that causes pneumonia, you may not get a virus infection.

However, if your symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia, it is possible for a person who has contracted pneumonia to get a viral infection.

It is also possible for someone who has been exposed to an infectious virus to contract another infectious disease.

If a person is diagnosed with a viral illness, the symptoms can include fever, muscle aches, muscle pain, joint stiffness, headache, and muscle cramps.

The symptoms are usually mild or mild-to-moderate and last only a few days.

However the symptoms of viral infection can be severe.

The virus usually causes fever, cough, sore throat, and red, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and/ or lower back.

In rare cases, the virus can cause blood in the blood or the urine to clot and lead to pneumonia.

The most common way people get infected with a contagious virus is through contact.

People who are not sick or who are close to someone who is sick are most likely to become infected.

Most people who get sick or get close to people who have an illness do not develop the symptoms because they don’t have any symptoms.

However in rare cases of viral illness (e.g., from a flu or other virus), it is normal for a number of people who did not have any virus symptoms to become sick.

The more common ways people get sick from a viral disease include: An infected person’s blood is found in a hospital, or blood is taken from someone else who has died.

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