How to survive viral diarrhea: Video by Recode News team

The viral diarrhea outbreak that has rocked hospitals across the United States is getting worse.

The CDC is tracking over 100 cases of diarrhea, and it says they’re still expanding the scope of what it means to have a diarrhea outbreak.

We’re seeing a lot of different things.

I’m seeing a really fast increase in cases.

There are some that are quite severe, but they’re also quite mild, and they’re just diarrhea.

So it’s not that people have been overmedicated or over-treating.

They’re just having a lot more diarrhea.

The most severe cases that I’ve seen are from people who’ve had diarrhea for a long time and have had the diarrhea for weeks and have just been vomiting up diarrhea, but it’s still not normal.

That’s a really rare thing to see.

People can get diarrhea on any food, but diarrhea is usually more severe.

It’s usually a lot worse when you have diarrhea for days and weeks at a time.

People get diarrhea for years and years, and this is the most severe thing that I have seen.

So people who have diarrhea will have diarrhea that is so severe that they’re vomiting up vomit.

So, that’s what’s happening.

The CDC is still working to get to the root cause of the outbreak.

We’ve seen the virus in the hospital is a lot like the virus that causes the colds and flu.

We can’t explain why the virus is so different, but we know it’s due to differences in how the virus spreads in the body.

So the virus infects a lot differently in people who get diarrhea.

We know that in people with diarrhea, the virus usually travels in blood to the brain.

In people who don’t have diarrhea, it typically travels to the intestines.

The virus usually doesn’t affect the cells in the intestles, but if it does, the cells that control how much water to make into fluid are different in people that get diarrhea and people that don’t.

The virus that makes people sick is different than the virus making people fat, and the fat makes you fat.

The viruses that make people sick are also different from the virus causing the cold.

The cold makes people fat because it makes them lose more fat.

So we think that the cold and diarrhea are different.

There’s a lot that’s different.

People who have a lot diarrhea and a lot fat, they have diarrhea in their intestines, and so it’s a different virus.

So that’s why people get diarrhea, that might explain why there are so many cases.

The fact that the virus does not affect the cell in the intestine that controls how much fluid to make, that may explain why people have diarrhea.

So how does it spread?

There are a lot different things that you have to do, but I think that people should be really careful about the things that they put on their stomachs.

If you’re going to eat a lot, you have more opportunity to have diarrhea on your stomach, because that’s where the virus enters your body.

But you have a much greater chance of getting diarrhea on the intestine, which is why you’re seeing so many people having diarrhea.

People should be very careful about what they put in their stomach and how much it goes in their body.

You should be especially careful about foods like bread and pasta, which are really important to a healthy diet because they’re low in calories and they have lots of fiber.

You can get really dehydrated eating those foods.

And you have lots and lots of salt in your food.

And the salt is toxic.

So if you don’t eat a healthy balanced diet, your body may have a hard time getting rid of the salt.

That salt may be the virus.

There are a few ways to combat diarrhea.

You have a number of different methods to fight diarrhea, depending on what you’re eating and what you want to eat.

The first way is to eat things like grains and legumes.

These are grains that have a protein that’s high in protein, like in rice or quinoa, or beans or lentils, that contain lots of vitamin A. Those kinds of foods are good.

And so, you can get a lot from these kinds of sources.

But those are the first two things.

Then, if you want a lot protein, try beans and grains.

The second thing is to take your vitamins and minerals.

If the amount of nutrients you take is low, your stool may be too acidic.

If it’s too acidic, it may make it hard for the virus to get into your body, so it makes it harder for the diarrhea to go away.

So the next thing is going to be eating a lot.

But the way to do that is to have your meals be full of protein and fiber.

If your meal is really full of fiber and lots and tons of vitamins and nutrients, your diarrhea will go away, and that’s going to make you feel better.

You’re going out and doing stuff, and you’re

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