The 10 Worst Viral Videos of All Time

There are only a few things that make us all laugh more than our own bodies.

Whether we’re sitting in a bar or sitting in our living room, the way our bodies react to the world around us is the same.

But sometimes we have to remind ourselves that this isn’t our own fault.

It’s a common problem among celebrities.

We’re often asked how we manage to be so funny and funny at the same time.

For some, this is a difficult and stressful balancing act, and many find that it’s just a matter of getting better.

But others don’t seem to have any sort of routine, and that’s not just because they’re not getting any better.

For the uninitiated, the word funny refers to anything that makes you laugh, and viral videos are a huge part of that.

There’s no need to go into detail about what makes viral videos funny, but here’s a brief look at the 10 worst viral videos of all time.


The “Hilarious” Viral Video That Was Made By a Child 2.

The Ridiculous Viral Movie That Was Not Made by a Child 3.

The Incredible Viral Superstar Who Has Never Been on a TV Show Before 4.

The Viral Kid That Just Watched The World Burn 4.

A Viral Boy Who Can’t Keep Up with the Kardashians 5.

The Girl Who Wasn’t Really Sure If She Wanted to Die Before Her Birthday 6.

The Unwitting Viral Hero Who Gets Married at Age 16 7.

The Totally Funny Viral Drama That Couldn’t Possibly Go Any Worse 8.

The Funniest Viral Story Ever 7:10 8.

Viral Kids Who Can Never Have Kids 9.

The Awkward Viral Celebrity Who Had To Be in a Relationship Before They Were Famous 10.

The Humorous Viral Commercial That Never Got Made

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